The House of Rising Sun`

By Alain M Brin

The Golden Hour:

As hosts for many weddings & corporate events at Villa Norbu, Soolan and I are usually inundated with questions from curious guests: “which island on the horizon is Jost Van Dyke?”; “have you ever seen whales breaching?”; “how do you safely get in and out of the water for a swim?”. The most frequent question however, is one that always makes me stumble a bit: “What’s it like to wake up to this view everyday?” My reply is usually quick & humble “lovely”. However, the truly accurate answer should simply be “peaceful”. I usually don’t share this reply with guests because I don’t want them to feel like they are encroaching on our harmony, however I firmly believe that peace has no value unless it is shared. Enclosed is a gallery of images captured one early summer morning chronicling the natural peacefulness that we experience at the golden hour at Norbu.