Preferred Partners 

Villa Norbu weddings & corporate events are typically managed by the dedicated & talented team of event experts at Red Coral Events, whom we believe to be the best event planners and wedding planners in the Virgin Islands. But we understand you may prefer to work with your own planner, or to compare other event planning services on St. Thomas. So here is Norbu’s list of trusted external wedding planners & corporate event managers - professionals that Norbu’s founders (Soolan & Alain) have successfully partnered and collaborated with for up to fifteen years. We recommend only professionals who are both licensed & insured in the US Virgin Islands.

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Sip champagne and enjoy the soothing sound of the OCEAN WAVES OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW, all while getting Styled Pretty in Norbu’s bridal suite by the amazing Glam Squad at Sugar and Spice Salon.

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