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Transformed from our home to your pristine destination


Our Beginnings …

Villa Norbu began as our first home after we became engaged in 2001. Then just 2000 square feet, it was a small gem surrounded by lush tropical plant life that totally obstructed the ocean view and sea breezes. With the utmost care, we began the landscaping process, honoring the rare indigenous plants while selectively removing others. We then hand-gathered and planted more than 100 coconut seedlings from nearby beaches along with orchids and date palm trees found at a local nursery.

To ensure safety during tropical storms we focused next on reinforcing our infrastructure. That ranged from building walls with native stone to teaming with our neighbors to bury power lines and rebuild dirt roads with concrete.   

In 2005 we turned our attention to aesthetics. Slowly we replaced most everything on the cottage except the cypress roof and original Saltillo floor tiles. We took pride in creating a distinct style – with furniture and artifacts collected from years of planning and photographing weddings/events at 4 to 5-star hotels worldwide.    .   

To our surprise, by 2008 we began getting a flow of requests for our remodeled home to serve as a venue for weddings and corporate events. Originally we declined. However, because we could easily be seen from the 13th hole at the popular Mahogany Run "Devils Triangle" Golf Course, the requests kept coming.

In early 2008 a couple seeking a luxury wedding venue called our waterfront property a "jewel" and a sanctuary for good vibes.  From that day on it became known as "Norbu" – the Tibetan word for jewel! We were convinced.

By 2009, we had expanded to 5000 square feet to accommodate groups with up to 65 guests – balconies, indoor & outdoor dining, pool, pavilions with a quarried stone bar overlooking the ocean, commercial kitchen with industrial freezers & refrigerators.  In 2016 we completed the project by constructing a cliffhanger gazebo built with sustainable Brazilian hardwoods, which has become one of the top wedding destinations in the Caribbean.

Villa Norbu Under Construction
Villa Norbu History - Blue Glass Photography

Norbu ‘s Cliff Edge Gazebo under the final stage of construction. Imagine your wedding venue surrounded by palm trees and perched on a rocky cliff overhanging the ocean waves.

Norbu ‘s Cliff Edge Gazebo under the final stage of construction. Imagine your wedding venue surrounded by palm trees and perched on a rocky cliff overhanging the ocean waves.

Our private home had undergone a remarkable transformation. It was now a special, one-of-a-kind oasis offering a gracious, warm welcome to guests and groups visiting from around the world!

Villa Norbu NOW …

For the past ten years Villa Norbu has been a choice destination for engagements, weddings and anniversaries as well as Fortune 500 corporate events (Audi, Toyota, 3M, Halogen, Nemacolin, Ritz-Carlton, among others). It has become known as one of the best wedding venues in the US Virgin Islands and called one of the most romantic places to propose, as well as a sought-after location for executive dinner retreats. We invite those who are seeking a peerless boutique experience among 180-degree panoramic ocean views, exceptional tropical dining and impeccable, caring service.  

Your Hosts …

Coming from French and Trinidadian descent, we have traveled the world searching for soul-satisfying adventures, gaining exceptional experience in delicious food, catering and unique "human touch" hospitality at some of the world’s finest resorts. At Villa Norbu, we provide a synergy of sensible luxury and sustainable tourism on the scenic Peterborg peninsula on the north coast of St. Thomas. We place special value on healthy dining, timeless elegance and intimate privacy to celebrate the most special and unforgettable moments in the lives of our guests.  

Fitness, free diving and photography enthusiasts, we also enjoy hosting special events for our own family and friends. Most of all we enjoy sharing our unique style of tropical hospitality with our guests for events both intimate and grand.

We invite you to experience the enduring beauty and wonders of Villa Norbu for yourself.

Villa Norbu Owner Alain Brin - Villa Norbu
Soolan Nilsen of Villa Norbu - top wedding locations in the  USVI


Alain and Soolan

After The Storm …

Villa Norbu Entrance - Blue Glass Photography
Norbu Pools - Blue Glass Photography
getting married in the US Virgin Islands - Villa Norbu - Blue Glass Photography

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